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2018 Double Take

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$95.00 per Bottle

Merlot has had a bit of a PR problem for many years, and we think that is undeserved. For the first time ever, we have produced a wine dedicated to the Merlot varietal, showcasing its strength, nuance and complexity. With help from you, our friends, this inaugural vintage will be put to a vote. You choose which blend you’d prefer to see for years to come: Double or Take; 100% Merlot sourced from Stagecoach and Cypress vineyards on its own, or with an added 10% of historic Monte Rosso Vineyard Petit Verdot. The fate of Double Take is in your hands; we will simply follow and embrace the wind, just like the unnamed Naval Officer in the wind tunnel.

Double Take is sold as a 2-pack set for $95

100% Merlot
Aged 20 months in French Oak, 88% New
88% Merlot, 10% Petit Verdot, 2% Cabernet Franc
Aged 20 months in French Oak, 79% New