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Milk Run

As a kid growing up off and on in Bristol, England, I have fond memories of waking up and being the first to grab the ice cold glass bottles of milk from the front steps. Groggy eyed, my brother and I would try and muster the dexterity to pull off the thin tin caps without ripping them in half. Every other day or so, the empty bottles would be placed back in their metal carrier and put out on the steps to be exchanged before dawn. No matter what time my brother or I got up, we were never earlier than the Milk Run.

We have also been told by our friends who live in ski-towns across the West that ‘Milk Run’ is a term often used by locals to define getting the first and often the best run of the day.

Milk Run Club is a nod to all of those who rise early to get there first and to those who just get it first.

Thanks to your continued support, it has become harder for us to keep up with the demand for our wines. In an effort to ensure that you will be some of the first to enjoy Orin Swift releases before they sell through, we offer the “Milk Run”.

Club Members are welcome to stop by our tasting room in downtown St. Helena for free current release tastings. Orin Swift will also host an annual party exclusively for the Milk Run Club.

Thank you for your consideration.

Dave Phinney and the staff at OSC

Cost of Membership is based on the release price of the wines chosen, and shipping will be set at a preferred flat rate which applies to all future purchases*.  

To join Milk Run please contact our wine club department, or sign up below.

Consisting of 6 or 12 bottle allotments, the Milk Run Wine Club is the best way to guarantee delivery of your favorite Orin Swift wine(s) once per year. You choose the wine(s) you would like to receive, and we will secure your shipment of the new vintage release annually.  As a Milk Run member all of your shipments will include a preferred flat-rate shipping charge, plus applicable taxes.  See more club specifics below.

If you would like to sign up for multiple allotments of Milk Run please join each level individually. 
















• How many shipments per year?
One shipment per year, per wine chosen, upon the release of the new vintage. Please click to view the current Wine Club Release Schedule to see when your Milk Run(s) will ship.

• How many wines per shipment?
6 bottles or 12 bottles, your choice.

• How much does it cost?
This will vary depending on the wine(s) chosen. Members receive flat rate ground shipping, $20 for 6 bottles & $30 for 12 bottles. Taxes will be charged where applicable.

• How do I pay?
Orin Swift will keep your credit card on file. A few weeks prior to each shipment we will charge for the wine, shipping, and any applicable taxes.

• What is the discount?

We price our wines well below market value; no discount is offered apart from flat rate shipping.

Also see the Fine Print for more information and Member Benefits.