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Edition I. This Chardonnay has a beaming, yellow gold hue which precedes the tasting experience in the most inviting way. Immediately, the nose is treated to profoundly rich aromas of peach, guava, fig, nectarine, white flowers, and caramelized spices. Round and flush with opulent flavors, the palate is regaled with a superb union of white stone fruits, honeydew melon, lemon chiffon, and stewed apricots.

100% Chardonnay
Only available to Equinox Club Members
Edition III. Years in the making, The Commute is the notion of a French & American blend realized. After our top barrels were selected from California and France, trials were started, blends were made…and in the end, a truly commanding wine emerged. The expressiveness of the terroir-driven Grenache from Maury blends seamlessly with the more powerful Syrah and Petite Sirah from California creating a wine with finesse and a firm focus that will continue to evolve and mature for the next 10 to 15 years. 

Blend: 50% French, 50% American

Only available to Equinox Club Members
Edition IV. Anonymous is a word that by definition denotes nothing, but in practice creates an almost unlimited questioning of everything. Anonymous has no known provenance - no single variety, appellation, or even vintage. Blending trials relied solely on flavors and aromas to produce this extremely complex Red Wine.

Only available to Equinox Club Members
Edition V. Inky in complexion with a brick red rim, the wine displays an inviting nose of soft black plum, roasted marshmallow, mixed berry pie and a hint of white pepper. A commanding opening of dark berries, currant, and ripe plum are complemented with engaging impressions of sarsaparilla, chocolate covered coffee beans and sweet oak. The wine finishes with grippy, chalky tannins that linger indefinitely.

Cabernet Sauvignon

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Edition VI.  While slightly mysterious on the nose, a complex, rolling bouquet of black cherry, fig, chocolate and sandalwood culminate in a complementary perception of sweetness. With a smooth and structured entry characterized by dark fruits, peppered filet mignon and spices, sweet oak emerges seamlessly concurrent with beams of acidity.

Pinot Noir

Only available to Equinox Club Members
Edition VII.  With layers of complexity, the wine evolves constantly, peeling back layers and falling deeper into the abyss - akin to Dante's Inferno. On the palate, the entry is massive with lots of structure - a perfect balance of weight and acidity. Tastefully creamy from a high percentage of new oak, yet beguiling with tons of minerality and stone. The wine is well constructed, and the finish does nothing but linger.

Syrah based blend
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Edition VIII. The wine pours an opaque purple and is layered with aromas of ripe dark fruits, an inviting minerality and traces of sage. Big on the entry, the palate is loaded with black cherry compote, black plum galette, and smoked meat. A touch of thyme and leather, the wine finishes nicely with evolving tannins.

Petite Sirah-based blend 
Only available to Equinox Club Members
Edition IX. An intriguing blend of layered complexity and beguiling spirit, the wine sits as dark violet with a lucid amethyst rim. The nose opens with remarkable aromatics of ripe blueberries, cassis, and black plum, complemented by hints of lavender, chapparal, sweet oak, anise and white pepper. Rich and coating upon entry, blackberry pie and a compote of Bing cherry and plum give way to the wine’s elegant side—a mid-palate of dark cacao and framboise. The ripe tannins allow the wine to bow out at length with a smooth, espresso bean finish.

Blend: Petite Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot
Only available to Equinox Club Members
Edition X. Vibrant aromas of Meyer lemon custard, key lime pie, freshly baked brioche and a touch of green apple, toasted almond and jasmine open the nose. Streams of acidity frame a refreshing palate of lime zest, white peach and a subtle hint of cardamom. Unabashedly energetic, the wine closes with a soft finish of fresh crème and stone fruit.

Sparkling Wine
Only available to Equinox Club Members
Edition XI. Showing off a garnet-purple core with a lucid crimson rim, the aromatics exude unique notes of blackberry-plum galette, ripe raspberry, allspice and hints of charred meat, bay leaf and musk. Both the entry and mid-palate are packed with unctuously smooth layers of boysenberry jam, blackcurrant, juicy dark fruits and crème brulee. A mélange of rainbow peppercorn and taut tannins round out a resounding finish.

Blend: Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Grenache
Only available to Equinox Club Members
Edition XII: Bountiful aromatics surge from the glass—ripe black fruits, smoked plums, fresh cut cedar, chargrilled tri-tip and black licorice. If only a nose could give you a black eye. The immense entry is of invigorating energy surrounded by a strong oak frame, with a mid-palate of a dense black fruit core and strong notes of blackcurrant. The finish is lengthy with extended notes of sarsaparilla, chewy tannins and confirmation of the high-quality oak.

Blend: Grenache and Syrah
Only available to Equinox Club Members
Edition XIII. An opaque crimson with a raspberry rim, the wine throws flashes of fuchsia in the light. Unique aromas of dust, fresh ly dried cement, blackberry, dark plum and full grain leather come from the glass. The entry is enveloping with an intense lush character with traces of dark pluot, blackcurrant, blueberry and a textured oak frame. Hedonistic, fatalistic and incomparable, the wine closes gracefully with well - integrated tannins and a longing for more.

Blend: 87% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Cabernet Franc and 6% Merlot
Only available to Equinox Club Members
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